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The Health (And Erotic Benefits) Of Prostate Stimulation

Sj2drBL67YYIf you think only girls who have the “G-spot”, well you’re dead wrong. Men too have their own version of the G-spot, and it’s called the prostate. According to medical experts, the prostate is a gland which is responsible for regulating male sexual function. It also creates prostatic fluid, which is a vital element of semen, and it’s a major contributor to male fertility.  This gland also helps guys experience hotter and more pleasurable sexual experiences. Here’s a quick look at a few of the many health (and sexual) benefits of prostate stimulation.

The Prostate’s Major Roles

The next time you hire Beautiful Companions Perth, and they offer a prostate massage, and then please, by all means, allow them to give you that. The prostate gland is located below the bladder, and fronting the rectum, and it surrounds a portion of the urethra, which is the tube that delivers urine from the bladder.

This vital gland helps produce semen, which brings the sperm from the testicles out when the guy ejaculates. If not taken cared off, it can help lead to problems like prostate cancer, sexual dysfunction and inability to achieve erections.

The Signs & Symptoms of An Enlarged Prostate

Like all the other organs and components in the body, the prostate also wears down with time. And as a man ages, their prostate grows larger too, from the size of a walnut to the size of an apricot (or even a lemon). So when the prostate gets bigger, it crunches and congests the urethra.

The signs and symptoms of an enlarged prostate include trouble urinating freely, frequent urination (especially at night), feeling a sudden urge to pee, having to strain to urinate. By the way an enlarged prostate is called BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, which is non-cancerous however.

The Health Benefits of Prostate Stimulation

Prostate massage or stimulation can be done internally and externally. A doctor or someone else (like the guy’s lover or spouse) uses the pads of the fingers to exert gentle pressure on the prostate (by inserting their fingers inside the anus, and slowly probing the prostate).  Here’s a look at the health benefits of prostate stimulation.

  • Prostate stimulation helps overcome impotence, as it stimulates the flow of seminal fluid, and increases circulation.
  • Regular prostate massage also helps reduce swelling, by stimulating blood flow in the area.
  • The stimulation also helps improve the intensity of ejaculation, and it also enhances urine flow.

 Prostate Stimulation’s Sexual Perks

Apart from its therapeutic benefits, prostate stimulation also helps spice up your sexual trysts. For starters, it helps produce wonderful sensual responses, especially if the guy combines it with masturbation (or if their partner stimulates it for them). The other positive sexual perks include fuller orgasms, lesser chances of being impotent, and improved semen production.

If you’re planning to call lovely and sexy Beautiful Companions Perth this weekend (or tonight), then politely ask them if they include prostate massage in their services. If they don’t then that’s okay. But if they do, then by all means, let them do it to you (and I’m sure you’ll love the experience).


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