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Beautiful Companions Perth – With Water-Based Lubes, Penetration Is A Breeze

If you think that sex is as romantic and smooth as what people always see in their favourite TV shows or on blockbusters, think again. At times, you’re just as raring to go and yet your partner or perhaps one of those Beautiful Companions Perth may not be, because of some physical constraints like not […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – The Best Pleasure Providers

Horny people have been using it, for self-pleasuring or enhancing the sexual act. Yet, there’s still much to learn about the vibrator – touted to be the No. 1 pleasure provider. You may have heard that around the Victorian period, there were women who complained of ‘womb disease’ and doctors then gave them ‘pelvic massages’ […]

4 Sex Toys That You Need to Introduce to Her Tonight

Believe it or not, there are women who are fond of using sex toys – be it alone or with their partners. According to Beautiful Companions Perth, men can use these to their advantage and help their ladies reach orgasm. And since you want to do it right, you need to know which toys are […]

Drugs And Medications That Have a Terrible Effect On A Person’s Sex Drive

If you have the habit of popping up just about any pill for whatever it is that’s ailing you, stop and read this – it’s estimated that 30% to 40% of people around the world experience a lack of interest in sex for several months in a year, because of the drugs or medications they’re […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – The Countries With The Highest Incidences of Rape Today

Among the crimes that are truly detestable and abhorrent, rape and sexual assault are perhaps the most worrisome, especially for women. Rape is defined as “a type of sexual assault usually involving other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without his or her consent”. Now, what countries have the highest levels or incidences […]

4 Helpful Hints On How To Successfully Perform Cunnilingus

What’s the most intimate of all sex acts? Well that would depend on the individual, as some would consider spooning as the most intimate, while others would say it‘s either fellatio and cunnilingus. Well for guys, cunnilingus is one act that most would love doing (For the uninformed, cunnilingus is actually the technical term for […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – Impress Her and Catch Her Eye

Whether it’s animals or humans, the male usually makes it a point to impress the female. After all, you have males putting on dances and other displays to catch the female’s’ eye. Men go about it differently, but the end goal is the same. Because of this, the lovely vixens at Beautiful Companions Perth have […]

3 Frightening Things That Will Happen If You Stop Having Sex

With stress, the fast-pace of life, and lots of family or work commitments to do, some of us may already be forgetting to have  – sex! There are a lot of reasons why a person’s sex life may be stalled or halted. One of the biggest worries for that long sexual dry spell is that […]

Points to Consider Before a Threesome – Will it Be Awesome or Awkward?

Sexual fantasies are a normal part of one’s sex life, and it’s really not surprising to have one or more. Both men and women have their own fantasies, and one that they have in common is that of having a threesome, whether it’s with two guys or two girls. Of course, you’d want to look […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – 4 Habits That Can, Surprisingly, Wreck Your Sex Life

If you were “horny as hell” a couple of days or weeks ago, and you suddenly find yourself weak, and less-interested or less-engaged in sex, perhaps you’re now in a stage where your libido is at its “lowest”? Believe it or not, but according to relationship and sex experts, low libido affects everyone, regardless of […]

Beautiful Companions Perth | Bangkok, Osaka And Makati Top The List Of Asia’s Most Promiscuous Cities

If you’re planning a back-packer trip across lovely and exotic Asia, but you’d like to do more than just see the sights, or bask in the local culture, why not get laid too? Almost everyone knows that Asia, especially Southeast Asia, is a paradise of sorts to budget travellers. And of course, there are great […]

The Health (And Erotic Benefits) Of Prostate Stimulation

If you think only girls who have the “G-spot”, well you’re dead wrong. Men too have their own version of the G-spot, and it’s called the prostate. According to medical experts, the prostate is a gland which is responsible for regulating male sexual function. It also creates prostatic fluid, which is a vital element of […]

My sexy encounter as Beautiful Companions Perth

Call me Amber… for this story, at least. I’m 19, Jobless, happy and beautiful. This is the story of my first professional escort servicing. I don’t want to start this story with a short background about myself. I think that’s obnoxious – all you need to know is that I’m fresh out of high school […]

Beautiful Companions Perth– The 3 Classic and Easily Modifiable Sex Positions

The basics are there for you to get back to when things get complicated. When you wish to experience that mind blowing sex, keeping things simple is the absolute key to it. You could do some thorough research on the most complicated sex position. Exert all of the efforts in mastering them. But when the heat of […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – A Journey To Sensual Pleasure Dreamland

Do you believe that sensual PLEASURE is the most desired feeling in every individual’s life? You might wonder why. You might be confused why we all have the same wish. Well, it just shows that you’re also craving for it too! Your welcome! Great news for you fellah! Beautiful Companions Perth is here to provide […]

3 Erotic Insights About Sex – Beautiful Companions Perth

There is so much known ideas about love-making these days that it’s somewhat confusing to determine which ones are theories and which ones are authentic. Some are actually very surprising and there are also a handful that are as apparent as the sun coming out the day after. On such note, Perth Escorts have concluded […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – Defining Your Erotic Night With Gameplays

A moment during the 80s labelled the arrival of eight-bit digital video games and it was all flat with two-dimensional and excessively pixelated visuals. It was fantastic during such an era but in this day and generation it’s visible that you require an update. In the same way that simple sex is easy and satisfying, […]

Your All-Out Companion Specialising In Your Wanton Need

Life can bring forth so many hardships and that’s normal. This is why we get a tad cynical when things shift towards the good and this kick starts our instincts to survival overdrive. We take precautions in the things that are transpiring around us. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t pressure yourself too much because of these profound […]

7 Spontaneous and Shocking Sexual Facts

For an act that is done within the confines of a bed space, facts about it are scattered all over everybody’s consciousness. However, are facts about sex really widespread or are there information than the general knowledge is letting on? Without a doubt! There is indeed more to sex than the penetrations and the pleasures […]

Beautiful Companion Perth – 3 Easy Tricks To Jump Start Your Way Towards Greater Sex

There is nothing more riveting than the thought of sexing it up with a pro courtesan advertised in the content of Perth Escorts. You’d recognize from the moment the posts load up you’d be interested with the type of intimacy that transforms fantasies into reality. These dames are outfitted with the expertise required to meet […]

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