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From Fantasy To Real-Life Sex Play: How To Kick-start Your BDSM Experience

Want to add flavour to your vanilla intercourse? You and your significant other may have been into the relationship for quite sometime now and you feel that the fire is starting to fade. Whoever wouldn’t be fed up with humping in the same place doing the same positions and having the same twists and turns […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – Wild Prediction: Robots Will Be The Perfect Bedroom Partner Within The Next Decade

You’re familiar with Netflix, right? Now, do you ever wonder why a couple should pause the button, strip their clothes off then engage in some hot sensual activity? Well, this scenario should merit a research. Anyway, these days, sex has taken (again) the centre stage in various studies, meaning it’s virtually a hot survey issue. […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – 3 of the Most Unintentionally Awkward and Hilarious Sex Scenes in Modern Cinema

If you were asked to describe your most favourite movie sex scene, perhaps you’d be confused on which one’s the best, because there are, obviously, a lot of great movie sex scenes to choose from. But I guess there were perhaps a couple of sex scenes that you saw, but failed to notice the awkward […]

Hot Foreplay Moves She Looks Forward To

Most females take a long time to get to climax when the sex itself is done in haste. It’s here where foreplay takes centre stage. Unfortunately, a lot of males don’t even understand how the act contributes to a very pleasurable experience on the part of women. If the play has to be extended for […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – 3 Reasons Why Today’s Women Lust For Guys With Dad Bods

If you think you’re already fat, and are planning to lose that beer belly, think again. It’s because more and more women today are actually lusting for guys with “dad bods” or body figures that show a little extra gut around the middle! Here’s a look at 3 reasons why women are now going for […]