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My sexy encounter as Beautiful Companions Perth

Call me Amber… for this story, at least. I’m 19, Jobless, happy and beautiful. This is the story of my first professional escort servicing.

I don’t want to start this story with a short background about myself. I think that’s obnoxious – all you need to know is that I’m fresh out of high school and is struggling with my college funds so I got into escorting. I am incredibly, incredibly hot and horny. I was one of the most Beautiful Companions Perth. I was a 9 on a good day, 10 when I really get it on.

I was ambitious, still am, and extremely picky. I guess that’s because I was a first-timer that time. 

We meet at a coffee and cake shop just outside his hotel. He’s not tall, Stocky, broad-chested, with subtle muscles bulging out of his dress shirt. He said his name was Marc. I didn’t believe him for one moment. He looked like he has a wife at home. Maybe he was on a business trip. I mean, aren’t they all? He thought he was a good conversationalist. Truth is he just spilt his whole life with me after 15 minutes of meeting.

His room was great. Fancy, even. Whatever company this guy was working for is loaded. Or he must be right up there on the echelons. He started kissing me just after we closed the door. His hands are all over my body – over my pants, my breasts, my back, my neck. His dress pants are tenting – a considerable bulge.

Then he said, “I want to cum through a blowjob. We’ve got three hours.”

“You won’t last that long”, I responded.

He didn’t respond. Just started ripping his clothes off and dipped the bed. He was sitting on the edge naked, hands on his cock, inviting me.

I kneeled down and started sucking him off, without a condom. He tasted clean, with a hint of the perfect masculinity. I know my way through a penis – a gay best friend taught me some techniques.

He was moaning in no time – grabbing my head and leading my mouth to deep throat him. I couldn’t, even if I tried to open my throat more. He kept on face fucking me until I was drooling. I was on a carpeted floor down on my knees, getting face-fucked by some random guy. I loved it.

A few minutes later, he started grunting deep and telling me I was one Beautiful Companions Perth. His thrust became deeper; my gag reflex in rebellion, but the nasty taste on my tongue told me he was a goner.


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