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Having Sex While Sleeping May Affect Your Relationship

Have you ever experienced engaging in sex while you were sleeping? Of course, you were supposed to be innocent but your partner says so. If you did, you got to ask her or one of the Beautiful Companions Perth if she enjoyed the coupling while you didn’t have any idea at all what on earth was really going on!

Sleep Sex: An Overview

Beautiful Companions PerthSexsomnia is the technical term for this kind of rare sleep disorder that can make you perform intercourse while you’re asleep. This goes with other forms of such type of disorder that include sleep-walking, bed-wetting and teeth-grinding, all while the perpetrators are fast asleep. They only know what they have done once confronted by another person or their bedmates.

The technical term for sleep sex was coined by Canadian sleep doctor J. Paul Fedoroff, MD, of the University of Ottawa in 1996. The broader class to which this disorder falls under is known as parasomnias. In most cases, the condition involves men especially those with a prior history of sleep disorder although some women have been known to initiate sleep sex as well.

How The Condition May Affect Your Sex Life

Although there have been reports of women enjoying the coupling whilst their lovers were sleeping, yet, your partner may think that you’re only good while your eyes are closed and with no awareness of your act. Further, she may be having her own sleep problems that what you’re doing will only aggravate it. And worse, she may become pregnant without you ever knowing why or how.

What Causes Sexsomnia?

Experts are actually puzzled as to what causes it but they theorised that when snuggled close to an individual in the sack, any movement may trigger a sexual desire even when you’re in deep slumber. Other factors known to contribute include fatigue, stress, drugs and alcohol.

How Is It Treated?

Well, you’d be glad to know that there are ways to remedy the situation. If anxiety or stress is the culprit, paying a visit to the mental health counsellor’s office will do you good. Apart from that, observance of good sleep hygiene can help, such as enjoying a full night’s rest or what is called undisturbed sleep, and as well, sleeping at the same time every night. If it’s drug or alcohol-induced, then, what better way to remedy it than to avoid them altogether.

However, if you’ve become alcoholic and/drug dependent, seek professional help. For all you know, it’s not sexsomnia that could ruin your sex life but these two bad habits! If you’re experiencing any medical issue, might as well consult a doctor.

Don’t wait for the negative effect this condition may bring you. Broach the topic to your girl or your date from the Beautiful Companions Perth.



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