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Drugs And Medications That Have a Terrible Effect On A Person’s Sex Drive

If you have the habit of popping up just about any pill for whatever it is that’s ailing you, stop and read this – it’s estimated that 30% to 40% of people around the world experience a lack of interest in sex for several months in a year, because of the drugs or medications they’re taking! So before popping just about any pill available, here’s a list of the drugs and medicines that have a terrible effect on a person’s sex drive.


Antihistamines are one of the most popular over-the-counter medications today, as they’re used to treat colds and various allergies. However, antihistamines like Benadryl, Chlor-Trimeton and others have also been linked to a temporary loss of libido. You better warn your friends, as well as the lovely and sexy Beautiful Companions Perth, about the risks of using antihistamines!


Medical marijuana is now deemed a legal substance in at least 20 states in the US. It is commonly used to treat pain,  nausea and other medical conditions, however the downside is that it can damper a guy’s libido, and considerably reduce his ability to perform in bed!

Anti-Seizure Drugs

Anti-seizure drugs and medicines such as Carbamazepine (Tegretol) are often used to prevent seizures, by preventing impulses from travelling along nerve cells. And because these medications dampen nerve cells, they also reduce the pleasurable sensations derived from sexual contact.

In one study, men who suffer from epilepsy and took Carbamazepine showed changes in hormonal levels,  had altered semen quality, and showed a reduced frequency for sexual intercourse too. The men who took Tegretol also exhibited a considerable decrease in sexual desire.


Vicodin, Oxycontin, Percocet and others are among the most widely-prescribed opioid painkillers today. However, these have been noted by health experts to have serious addictive potentials, and they’ve also been found to lower testosterone levels, which may in turn lower a person’s libido.

Beta Blockers

Millions (or perhaps even billions) of people around the world take beta blockers to reduce their blood pressure. However, the downside of using beta blockers is that they decrease libido too. There are even eye drops that contain the beta blocker Timolol, and are used for treating glaucoma (and these can dampen your libido too!).

So, before taking any of these medications, consult with your healthcare provider first, so you’ll know the proper dosage, and that the drugs don’t damper your sex drive, and make your girlfriend, or preferred  Beautiful Companions Perth, squirm in disgust!


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