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Beautiful Companions Perth – With Water-Based Lubes, Penetration Is A Breeze

If you think that sex is as romantic and smooth as what people always see in their favourite TV shows or on blockbusters, think again. At times, you’re just as raring to go and yet your partner or perhaps one of those Beautiful Companions Perth may not be, because of some physical constraints like not being able to stay naturally moist during a lasting fornication. Once you’re faced with such predicament, relax – there are a couple of solutions to this issue. A lubricated condom could be one however, you’d be astonished at how beneficial a standard lubricant will be at times like this.

Why Lube Is A Must Lubricants, likewise known colloquially as lubes, are products useful in such sexual acts as masturbation and sexual intercourse. Well of course, these are primarily used on adult toys for the reduction of friction to or between the vagina and penis, including the anus and other parts of the body for that matter. With minimal or in the absence of friction, penetration will be just a breeze.  So, if you’re looking to a comfy and coordinated bedroom romp, using a personal lube to smoothen things over is a must.

You might be pretty sure you’re in perfect shape to get down and dirty, but the advantages of using a personal lube just couldn’t be ignored. Surely, there’s friction from quickies no matter how quick the screwing was, from long-time fucking even if it was kind of smooth. And you and your inamorata would want to avoid, at all cost, all those after-coupling soreness you have otherwise encountered from all the rubbing and sweating.

Advantages of Water-based Lubes Over Other Types

FYI, there exist various types of lubricants today belonging to three categories – silicone, water-based and oil-based. As noted by sex pros, the water-based lube is by far the most widely-accepted. Here’s why:

  1. They’re smooth and silky, but not viscous and mussy like oil-based and silicone could be.
  2. Water-based means the lube easily dissolves in water, making it easy for the skin and mucous membranes to absorb them. Therefore, clean-up after the hanky-panky is no sweat. With just a little soap and warm water, and off goes the lube, making your skin clean again real quick.
  3. Unlike the oil-based lubes that oxidise latex, water-based lubes are totally condom-compatible.


Nevertheless, water-based lubes need to be reapplied time and again because of their solubility, which could be a hassle especially when the going gets hot. Further, they may contain glycerin and the last thing you would want to happen to your Beautiful Companions Perth is to become infected. In that case, then a quick post-coitus clean-up would be obligatory.


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