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Beautiful Companions Perth – Wild Prediction: Robots Will Be The Perfect Bedroom Partner Within The Next Decade

You’re familiar with Netflix, right? Now, do you ever wonder why a couple should pause the button, strip their clothes off then engage in some hot sensual activity? Well, this scenario should merit a research.

Anyway, these days, sex has taken (again) the centre stage in various studies, meaning it’s virtually a hot survey issue. But, is it still an issue and worth studying if you watch things at Netflix together with one of those Beautiful Companions Perth, garments removed, and after a while only moans and groans can be heard instead of the dialogue lines? Well, speaking of studies about sex, here’s a really weird one that can blow your mind off!

Sex With Robots: To Happen Within 10 Years A futurologist by the name of Dr. Ian Pearson predicts that within 10 years, people could be having sex with robots. Further, by 2050, more people would choose machines over human beings to have sex with. Now, isn’t this a shocking forecast? Looks like the ‘plug-in-and-play’ setting is going to have a new and bizarre definition.

However, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise since with the way sex dolls are taking several countries by storm, there will really come a time when fuckers will possibly be fucking sex robots instead of real, warm bodies. Nowadays, the market for sex dolls is lorded over by the male clientele. But, with this scandalous news, the popularity of robot sex among women shouldn’t be far from reality.

According to a report commissioned by Bondora, an adult online sex store, robots are now being manufactured to help in household tasks. But, because they are expensive, might as well maximise their potential, make them look attractive and useful in the bedroom (or anywhere for that matter). There, you get more value for your money!

It’s apparent – these machines have exceptional artificial intelligence that could make their masters form some kind of relationship with them. So, it’s likely that the masters will soon have intercourse with them, too, in the long run.

Sex With The Touch Of An Icon

Another wild prediction of Pearson is that the next decade will witness the use of the so-called “virtual reality technology”. It implies that you’ll soon be able to make your partner look just like how you’d want him/her to “appear”. Impossible? Guess not. Not too long ago, companies have thought of inventing devices that connect with the Internet and smartphones. It wouldn’t be long before sex toys can link directly to a person’s nervous system, or even get into someone else’s dreams!

When that happens, you can now tap into another individual’s sex dreams, feel her sensations and even achieve orgasm by touching an icon! Nonetheless, sex is more sensational with the real thing, like having it with your favourite Beautiful Companions Perth!



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