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Beautiful Companions Perth – Weed, and the Many Ways It Can Affect Your Sex Life

I guess everyone (or nearly all of us) knows the mind-altering effects of marijuana. However, it doesn’t just stop there, because according to sex experts, if you’re a guy or girl who’s ever smoked weed and gotten down, you know that it can have a very noticeable effect on your sexual performance. Here are a couple of ways that weed can affect sex.

It Can Spark Your Erotic Appetite

Although I’m not suggesting or encouraging you to smoke some weed along with your hookup partner, as well as with the hot and sexy Beautiful Companions Perth, let me just inform you that weed can certainly whet your appetite for some post-sex snacks (like pizza or chips) and it can whet your erotic appetite too!

It Can Make You Attracted to People You’re Not Usually Into

Beautiful Companions PerthIn a clinical study conducted in the United States last year (and published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior), the participants who smoke weed said that their partners looked “more attractive” when they got high. This effect is called “weed giggles”, because it’s much worse on marijuana than on alcohol.

Being High Can Make it So Hard to Focus on Sex

Here’s one downside of smoking weed, and it’s the fact that being high on it can make it quite hard for the individual to focus, so much that they can’t even orgasm! Some of the participants in the Archives of Sexual Behavior study have reported that getting high makes it quite hard to concentrate that they can’t quite reach orgasm!

It Might Make You Hornier

According to an article published in the New York Magazine, a retired Harvard Medical School professor has told the magazine that weed has the propensity to enhance a variety of human experiences, which of course includes sex.The expert even added that weed’s relaxing effects can make the person super horny, and he added that sex on weed is akin to vacation sex!

Whew, but then again, it would be all up to you and your hookup partner, or even to your favourite Beautiful Companions Perth, if she’d like to smoke weed before getting down and dirty!



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