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Beautiful Companions Perth – The Many Reasons Why Women Fake Their Orgasms

Have you ever felt that your partner’s pleasure was just for show? Well if you suspect that she’s faking her orgasms, then you may need to read this article, and figure out what you’re doing wrong in bed! While nobody certainly wants to think that their partner’s moans and screams are just for show, the truth is that fake orgasms are more common than you believe. Here’s a look at a few of the many reasons why women fake their orgasms.

Three Out of Four Women Have Faked it at Least Once

After reading the article, please oh please don’t start suspecting that your girlfriend, or even your favourite Beautiful Companions Perth are faking things in bed, because that would certainly ruin the fun!

http://www.beautifulcompanionsperth.comIn 3 separate experiments, researchers from the University of Kansas asked around 1,500 people whether they have faked orgasms in their life. The researchers found out that 3 out of 4 women have said that they have done so at least once, plus an estimated 41% of men reported faking an orgasm too!

The research team’s lead author added that “one of the worst things you can do when you find out your partner is faking her pleasure is to make it about you, and that could be very crushing”. The lead author further adds that “the pressure to perform interferes with sexual responses for both partners. Instead, you should relax, and orgasm should not be the narrow goal, but instead aim for fun and pleasure”.

Insecurity, the Pressure to Perform, and a Lack of Interest in Sex Are the Main Culprits

The research team also added not all the top reasons why women fake orgasms are bummers. For example, one reason could be that the woman may feel insecure or uncomfortable in being honest with her orgasms (or the lack thereof).

Many women who faked their orgasms also admitted that at the time they were just not that into sex, although they were afraid that it might hurt their partner if they tell them. Other women also faked their orgasm because they felt the pressure to perform.So, to prevent this from becoming a normal occurrence, guys should make their partners feel relaxed and at ease, and they should be open to talk about the different reasons why women sometimes fake their orgasms.

To learn more, perhaps you could have a frank yet enjoyable discussion with your hookup partner, as well as with the lovely Beautiful Companions Perth, so that you’ll have a more open mind about the issue!



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