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Beautiful Companions Perth- The Best Sex Positions For the Different Areas in the House

As a popular saying goes, “A house is not a home”. Yes, that is right because a house is just a regular building where people stay in, while a home is a connection of family and safety, and it’s also your own little sanctuary. But hey, a house is not a home until you’ve banged in every darn room in the house! Here’s a quick look at the best sex positions for the different areas in the house.

For the Dining Room: The Salad Tongs

Beautiful Companions PerthIf you’re alone, and at home with your girlfriend, or with the hot and sexy Beautiful Companions Perth, and you’d like to do it in the dining room, here’s one cool sex position to consider! To do this, the lady lies back on the table with her hips at the edge, legs up with her feet on their chest, or over her shoulders.

The guy stands between her legs with a lubed finger or two inside her, and doing the traditional “come hither” motion against the top of her pussy. The dude can simultaneously use the thumb of the same hand to swipe left and right across her clit, and he can also masturbate if he can’t wait for his turn!

For the Kitchen: The Super Soaker

For those who are not blessed with a detachable shower head, they could enlist the help of the kitchen sink! To do this, the lady sits at the very edge of the kitchen sink, and has her guy guide the warm water stream between her legs.

But if you don’t have a movable spigot, the guys can make a little waterway with their hands to guide the water, so that it trickles over the lady’s clitoris, just like a cool science experiment!

For the Hallway: That’s My (Door) Jamb

The hallways are best for stealthy must-have-you-now standing quickies. To do this, stand by the doorway using the door frame for leverage. The lady backs to one side, her foot up on the other so she can adjust for height differences, and so she won’t fall on her ass!

For the Living Room: The Parlour Trick

To do this, the ladies curl in a little duck-and-cover ball sideways onto an upholstered arm chair. Her knee and shins will be resting on one of the guy’s arms, while her face is down on the seat cushion.

Your girlfriend, or perhaps your favourite Beautiful Companions Perth, can push her legs together for a super tight fit, and angle herself so you hit a deep spot on the bottom wall of her vagina!



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