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Horny people have been using it, for self-pleasuring or enhancing the sexual act. Yet, there’s still much to learn about the vibrator – touted to be the No. 1 pleasure provider.

You may have heard that around the Victorian period, there were women who complained of ‘womb disease’ and doctors then gave them ‘pelvic massages’ for treatment (masturbation in reality) which brought the patients to ‘paroxysm’ now known today as orgasm. Pretty sure, the Beautiful Companions Perth must have levelled up that even without the penis, they will still achieve the Big O by using the device.

The Vibrator Falls Under ‘Unmentionable Product’ We all know that the vibe is used for stimulating the vagina and helping girls reach the peak, so, it’s quite disheartening that not much research are being done on the matter. To Dr. Gad Saad, Ph.D., a Professor of Marketing, and holder of the Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioural Sciences and Darwinian Consumption, the lack of research on the subject would make it appear that said tools belong to the category of ‘unmentionable’ items and don’t qualify for scientific inquiry.

However, he’s motivated to share some interesting survey results publishedB by the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Participated in by 2,056 women, with ages from 18 to 60, the survey asked respondents about their use of vibrators. Here is an interesting find:

Things You Didn’t Know About Vibrators & Women

  1. 5% noted they had used one to get warmed up with their lovers or when they played alone; making it known that such gadget was quite common among females.
  2. 8% used it more often for clitoral arousal rather than as a penetrative tool
  3. More concern on sexual health – They who used vibes were more inclined to undergo vaginal self-exam or were willing to undergo gynecological exam in the past year. They believe that a happy vagina is a healthy vagina.
  4. Positive sexual functioning – Vibe users scored higher when they were assessed as to their sexual functioning, as shown in their positive results on the Female Sexual Function Index Scale.
  5. Religion and vibrators don’t go together – Among the religious participants in the study, the use of the sex toy was never heard of, so the two don’t mix.
  6. Risk-free – Users reported no pain, numbness, abrasions and inflammation whatsoever when they used vibrators.

Clearly, the bottom line of vibrator use is sexual satisfaction. But even without it, you still get to the seventh heaven with the excellent services of the Beautiful Companions Perth, the best pleasure providers.


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