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Beautiful Companions Perth– The 3 Classic and Easily Modifiable Sex Positions

4d1S4YcBk2IThe basics are there for you to get back to when things get complicated. When you wish to experience that mind blowing sex, keeping things simple is the absolute key to it. You could do some thorough research on the most complicated sex position. Exert all of the efforts in mastering them. But when the heat of the moment comes, you turn to what you know best which is the basics.

Generally, the crazy and wild positions will only get you fixated on the complications of its mechanics—making you overlook the pleasures for the intercourse. You’ll forget about the deep penetrations in her sex and indulging yourself in her full wetness. Believe me this is not what you want. So here are the guaranteed orgasms inducing sexual positions from the professional courtesans of Beautiful Companions Perth that will surely rock both your worlds.

The Delicious Bumps

You already know the most widely used animalistic position, the doggie style. This position is close to that, only your partner will be lying down on her stomach. The twist is she will be raising her butt slightly so she is open enough for you to take. Your hands will be resting on the sides of her body on the bed. Now, carefully plunge your fullness into her pussy and feel it thoroughly as it goes inside.

PERK: There is an increase in the friction between both your bodies because of the face down position.

Also, she can also grind her clitoral area against the bed for added stimulation.

The Intersection

It’s very much possible for you to have a relaxed orgasm. This position can show you how. With you lying on your side, have your girl lie down on her back and swing her legs across your hips and thighs – making a bridge over them. Now, gently thrust your throbbing cock back and forth inside her pussy. This position is no sweat but it can be very orgasmic once the pair of you finds the right stroking and rhythm.

The Risqué Relaxation

For this position, let your girl handle both your erotic release by having her sit on top of you but facing away from you. There are two ways for you to work on your pleasures on this one. You can either have her spread her legs while you stimulate her clit or have her close her legs to make her walls tighter around your throbbing hardness. If you’re the adventurous kind, you can combine both movements to make for an explosive orgasm.

The great thing about the basic positions is that you can modify them to suit your preference. With just a slight change, these positions are enough to send both of you into an electrifying orgasm. As an added bonus, doing this with an expert instigator of pleasure from Beautiful Companions Perth will bring you to your edge without further delays.


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