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Whether it’s animals or humans, the male usually makes it a point to impress the female. After all, you have males putting on dances and other displays to catch the female’s’ eye. Men go about it differently, but the end goal is the same. Because of this, the lovely vixens at Beautiful Companions Perth have shared some tips to make it easier for you to leave a good impression.

  1. Take it slow. The first date is a crucial point for this. You don’t want to be too predictable, but you also don’t want to be too extravagant. A dozen red roses and a formal dinner may sound impressive, but for most girls, it’s too much. Instead, find out what she likes and take that into account, but not to the extreme.

For example, if she hints at liking seafood, try planning a nice, quiet dinner at a nice but not-too-formal restaurant that specialises in seafood dishes. Or go to the theatre and see a play or musical if she’s more into that.

  1. Be confident. One escort says that a sure-fire way to make her look twice at a client was his aura of confidence. However, there’s a fine line between confident and cocky – and you don’t want to accidentally step over the line.

If you talk about yourself and what you’re good at, keep it short. Don’t volunteer the information; instead, let her ask. Otherwise, you’ll appear cocky, and that doesn’t make for an interesting date. A confident man looks people in the eye when he talks with them, and overall lets his actions speak for him.

  1. Know your information. Women find intelligence attractive, but don’t go memorising random facts or an entire volume of an encyclopaedia. You just need to make sure you have your facts straight when it comes to certain topics.

For current events worldwide, for example, know at least the basics; she’ll know if you’re making something up, especially if she’s passionate about that certain issue. Also, admitting that you don’t know a lot about a subject is just as impressive.

Of course, not all men feel completely confident in taking a lady out. So if you need to practice, browse the gallery at Beautiful Companions Perth. You’ll surely find the best partner for you – and who knows, your date may go better than expected.


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