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Beautiful Companions Perth – Cool Online Dating Tactics for Attracting Potential Hookup Partners

Do you regularly flock to online dating sites like Zoosk, use dating apps like Tinder and the others, or hangout on social networks like Facebook or Twitter? If you haven’t had much success in attracting long-term partners or casual dates, perhaps you need to refine your methods, and learn from the smart single guys out there! Here are a couple of cool online dating tactics that can help you attract potential hookup partners.

Send Messages at the Right Time

According to popular dating site Zoosk, who recently undertook a couple of studies on what the most successful online daters are doing to get more matches, and go on more dates, the first step towards attracting potential dates and hookup partners is to – send messages at the right time. But then again, if you regularly date the hot and sexy Beautiful Companions Perth, I guess you don’t find the need to visit any dating site anymore!

According to Zoosk’s data, the best time of the day to message a lady is between 9:45 pm to 11:00 pm, because the peak online dating hours for women are between 10:00 pm and 11:00 pm. So, it might be worthwhile to jot down that brilliant first message when you think of it, and stay up past your bedtime to pull the trigger on sending!

Know Which Traits to Highlight

Yeah, yeah, yeah we all have our unique hobbies, attributes and qualities to highlight on our dating profiles, but which one is the best to highlight? According to the researchers from Zoosk, there are a few simple words that attract more matches, like using the words “laugh” in your profile (which would indicate you’re  a fun person to be with), or use “honest” since the study found that people who describe themselves this way in their profile also get messaged more.

Use Full-Body Photos

Just like most men who are wary of ladies who don’t show off their full body in their dating profiles, most ladies want to see the “full package” too. Zoosk notes that online dating profiles which show off “all the goods” get a whopping 203% more messages than those who don’t! And if you’re thinking of posting a group photo, remember that having one more person in your profile picture will earn you 42% less messages than if you were standing alone!

But if you’re more than happy in dating the lovely and alluring Beautiful Companions Perth, I guess you won’t find any need any more for creating a dating profile at some online dating site!



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