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Beautiful Companions Perth | Bangkok, Osaka And Makati Top The List Of Asia’s Most Promiscuous Cities

Dp4pNCWbvBkIf you’re planning a back-packer trip across lovely and exotic Asia, but you’d like to do more than just see the sights, or bask in the local culture, why not get laid too? Almost everyone knows that Asia, especially Southeast Asia, is a paradise of sorts to budget travellers. And of course, there are great places in this part of the world where you can easily get laid too. Here’s a quick peek at Bangkok, Osaka, Makati and the other notoriously promiscuous cities in Asia.

Bangkok Is Asia’s Most Promiscuous City

Bangkok is famous not just for its “tuk-tuk” or spicy food, but for its thriving sex industry too. It’s actually the commercial sex capital of the world, where every thing is for sale, even young boys and girls! If you’re not travelling at this point, you could easily find young and hot Asian (and western) women in your area, by checking out the galleries of Beautiful Companions Perth.

Bangkok tops the list of the most promiscuous city in Asia, according to, the “world’s largest dating website” for those who seek mutually-beneficial relationships. Just check out the popular, and very noisy, neighbourhoods of Patpong Road and Soi Cowboy, where you’ll find Japanese, German and other sex tourists travelling by the planeload. Here, 83% of local men also report having more than five sexual partners per year.

Osaka, Japan

The second most promiscuous city in Asia is Osaka, Japan. Like everywhere else in Japan, the once-thriving electronics and gadget districts of the city have now been replaced by “maid” cafes, “pinsaro” or pink salons, “delivery health” services and other clubs that offer sex on the side.

If you’re heading to Osaka, drop by Otaku Road, where you’ll be peppered with lots of “costume” clubs, and find lots of female escorts dressed in a wide array of uniforms (schoolgirl, fight attendant, school teacher, etc.) and peddling a wide array of erotic services. A whopping 80% of men in Osaka also report having more than five sexual partners every year.

Makati, Philippines

Makati City, hailed as the Philippines financial capital, surprisingly ranked third on the list of most promiscuous cities in Asia. The dating website reports that 77% of men in this city report having five or more partners yearly. The other cities in the top 10 include Hyderabad, Saigon, Seoul, Shanghai, Saint Petersburg, Singapore and Beijing.
But if work and business concerns just won’t allow you to travel and explore Asia’s much seedier side at this time, don’t worry. Just check out the galleries of Beautiful Companions Perth, and find the hottest and loveliest women in town!


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