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Beautiful Companions Perth – 4 Habits That Can, Surprisingly, Wreck Your Sex Life

If you were “horny as hell” a couple of days or weeks ago, and you suddenly find yourself weak, and less-interested or less-engaged in sex, perhaps you’re now in a stage where your libido is at its “lowest”? Believe it or not, but according to relationship and sex experts, low libido affects everyone, regardless of age or gender, and there are lots of logical reasons why your sex drive is dwindling. Here’s a list of a few of the habits that can surprisingly wreck your sex life, and this is according to today’s sex and wellness experts!

Sleep Deprivation

Is your girlfriend, or your favourite Beautiful Companions Perth, complaining about your lack of energy, or desire, in bed? Perhaps you lack sleep. According to a study funded by the National Heart Lung And Blood Institute, the lack of sleep can lower the levels of testosterone, the hormone which fuels a guy’s sex drive, by as much as 15 percent.

 www.beautifulcompanionsperth.comTestosterone is also an essential element for increasing bone density, muscle mass and strength. That’s why it pays to aim for at least seven and a half hours of sleep every night, so your sex drive will stay strong and healthy!

Eating Too Much Fast Food

If you’ve been hitting the drive-thru more than the usual, perhaps it’s time you seriously consider cutting your fare of fat-rich fast food, because these can kill your sex drive!

Drive-thru burgers, fries, chicken nuggets and shakes are high in salt and excess fat, and they’re even riddled with phthalates, which is a a chemical that’s used to make conveyor belts and other equipment in food factories!

Chronic Stress

A stressful work environment just doesn’t give you headaches or insomnia, but they can dull your desire for sex too. Chronic stress can pull down a  guy or girl’s sexual energy, as their thoughts and energy often get caught up on whatever is weighing on them (or bugging them).

Marijuana Use

If marijuana is legal in your state or city, and you use it occasionally, here’s one frightening prospect –  there’s actually a connection between marijuana use and decreased cognitive function, as well as reduced testosterone levels.

According to a study published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology, marijuana’s effects on the brain, and on a person’s testosterone levels, can last up to 24 hours, which means that a guy will likely lose his “mojo” for up to 2 days!

Thus, if you don’t want your girlfriend, or the lovely Beautiful Companions Perth, to whine and grumble about your lacklustre sexual performance, don’t use weed, get a lot of sleep, stay away from the usual fast-food fare, and steer clear from chronic stress!


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