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Beautiful Companions Perth – 4 Fun and Flirty Lines to Use On Her

When it comes to talking to the ladies, there’s a world of difference between flirty and creepy. Unfortunately, men don’t always recognise when they’re going from one to the other, nor do they realise when a woman’s answer is a sign telling them to stop, say the gorgeous specimens at Beautiful Companions Perth.Beautiful Companions Perth

Fortunately, you can learn how to gauge a lady’s response. So here are a few simple flirty things to say to a girl that usually invite one of two kinds of replies, so you can tell whether to stop or keep going.

What does your boyfriend think of you talking to me? This is a very subtle way of finding out if she’s single or taken. If she says something along the lines of her just waiting for him to arrive, then that’s a sign to look elsewhere for a potential partner. Otherwise, feel free to keep talking and flirting.

You’re the whole package – beautiful and witty. While being complimented for their looks is something women enjoy now and then, they actually want to be recognised for their brains too. Combine both compliments into one to let her know you find her engaging and attractive. You’ll need to really pay attention to her response, though, to make sure she’s not already taken.

We both like to eat, so why don’t we try it together? This is a fun, sneaky way to ask her out, and you can substitute ‘eating’ for something else you both enjoy, like wall-climbing or visiting museums. Depending on her answer, you’ll either be going it alone or you’ll be taking that next step to getting to know each other better.

Did you get all dressed up for me or do you always look this good? It’s a compliment hidden in a question, and it’s a nice way to get her thinking about the possibility of becoming a couple. Just make sure to keep this line nonsexual so she doesn’t see you as a creep.

Remember that flirting doesn’t always have to be sexual in nature. It can be fun, teasing, and overall just about the two of you enjoying each other’s company. Need some help honing your skills or just need some company?

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