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Beautiful Companions Perth – 3 Sex Positions That Nearly Guarantee Multiple Orgasms

Can a person have multiple orgasms? Well, if you ask the ladies, the answer is a big YES, as according to a report done by the Indiana University School of Public Health and the Kinsey Institute, around 47% of women report having experienced multiple orgasms. Here are a couple of sex positions that guarantee (or nearly guarantee) multiple orgasms for women, and perhaps even the men.

The Cup Holder

Beautiful Companions PerthIf your girlfriend, or your favourite Beautiful Companions Perth, gets super-sensitive after she orgasms, then this seated position should be her friend (And you’ll definitely love this too!) She sits on your lap facing away for orgasm number one.

And after you think your lady cant’ take it anymore, you gently cup her V with your whole hand. And as her body parts calm down a little, you move up to slowly rub it back with your whole hand, and so it begins again!

Bump and Grind

Trade off on thrusting duties to further mix up the stimulation, as your lady gets on top of you a la missionary style, then puts her legs inside yours, and presses them tightly together. Next, she shifts down a little so she can grind against the top of your shaft, and she does all the moving, while your job is not to come yet (If you can stand that!). For round two, she lifts herself up onto your hands so she can rub herself as she thrusts!

The Rag Doll

If your girlfriend, or your preferred Beautiful Companions Perth, wants or craves a different stimulation in the same position, then she should do this technique more often!

She lies on her side with a pillow under her head, while you kneel by her butt, a knee between her legs, so you are straddling her lower leg, while her upper leg goes over your thigh! Another option would be for your lady to rub herself on your upper thigh, letting herself go limp for P-in-V plus clit rub, vibrator, etc!



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