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Beautiful Companions Perth – 3 Reasons Why Today’s Women Lust For Guys With Dad Bods

If you think you’re already fat, and are planning to lose that beer belly, think again. It’s because more and more women today are actually lusting for guys with “dad bods” or body figures that show a little extra gut around the middle! Here’s a look at 3 reasons why women are now going for dudes with beer bellies, instead of the guys with well-chiselled abs and muscles.

Ladies Love Men Who Put The Focus On Fun, And Not Physique

www.beautifulcompanionsperth.comAsk your girlfriend, or even your hot and truly Beautiful Companions Perth if they like guys who have beer bellies and lanky shoulders, and perhaps you’d be surprised at their answers! According to “Marie”, a 26-year old marketing manager, guys with “dad bods” love life, and  focus on fun instead of physique!

Marie also added that guys with “dad bods” love life but also have the good sense to not let yourself completely go, and she says that “you can take them to family parties and eat cake together”!

They’re Friendlier And Less Narcissistic

Another reason why more women go for guys with beer bellies is that they come across as goofy and fun, and of course they’re friendlier and less narcissistic! And according to a lovely 22-year old lady named “Dottie”, “looking fit can often come across as self-centered, and most of society today is starting to find normal physique sexy”!

It’s The Male Equivalent of Being A MILF

And perhaps the most surprising reason why “dad bods” are a hot topic today, is because the “dad bod” is hailed as the equivalent of being a MILF, and old!

However, most guys with “dad bods” say that the only problem with this figure is that it can be quite hard maintaining your figure, especially when you’re a real dad! Like for example, if you already have kids, but you still want to wear the same pants as when you were 23.

This means that to maintain the same great “dad bod” figure, and to look very appealing to your wife, or to your favourite Beautiful Companions Perth, you may need to hit the gym more often!



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