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Beautiful Companions Perth – 3 of the Sexiest Ways to Spend 5 Minutes

If you had only five minutes left on earth (As a huge meteor is heading your way), what would you be doing with your girlfriend, or hook up buddy? Would you stare blankly at each other and cry, or would you rather have lots of earth-shattering sex? As time is precious, and every minute is so valuable in these fast-paced and truly stressful times, here’s a quick list of three ways you can make every second count toward a very sexy five minutes.

The Forced Orgasm

Beautiful Companions PerthAlthough the end of the world is certainly not yet at hand, here’s one exciting 5-minute activity that you can try out with your girlfriend, or with your preferred Beautiful Companions Perth, and it’s a BDSM-related thing called the Forced Orgasm!

In this activity, you be the dominant partner and you use a powerful vibe on your lady, and you even control when she orgasms. Think of forced orgasms as a test of wills type, as your submissive fights the urge to give in to climax, while you finger her, or use a vibe to make her blow off!


I bet you were also thinking of quickies too when I mentioned stuff like “5-minute” activities!  And while there is no right way to do a quickie, many agree that taking off the bare minimum of clothing, as well as using whatever piece of furniture you are closest to (instead of wasting time trying to find a toilet or bathroom) will set you and your partner up for quick sex success!


Here’s one relatively easy, and safe way to set the horny mood, without alerting the rest of the people nearby. Well, you can do a lot of things in five minutes with your smartphone, from shooting photos of yourself doing a lap dance to heating yourself up by staring at a photo of a naked lady.

You can also heat things up with your girlfriend, or with your favourite Beautiful Companions Perth, even if you are miles apart, by texting each other sleazy stuff, and by letting each other’s imaginations run real wild!



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