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Beautiful Companions Perth – 3 of the Most Unintentionally Awkward and Hilarious Sex Scenes in Modern Cinema

If you were asked to describe your most favourite movie sex scene, perhaps you’d be confused on which one’s the best, because there are, obviously, a lot of great movie sex scenes to choose from. But I guess there were perhaps a couple of sex scenes that you saw, but failed to notice the awkward scenes, or the quite glaring discrepancies, because you were just so glued to the sex scene! Here’s a peek at 3 of the most unintentionally awkward, and truly hilarious, sex scenes in modern cinema that depicted the orgy of the awful.

Body of Evidence

www.beautifulcompanionsperth.comIf you and your girlfriend, or your very sexy Beautiful Companions Perth, are fans of US pop star Madonna, perhaps you should again watch one of the most controversial 90’s thrillers, Body of Evidence.

In the movie, Madonna plays the role of a femme fatale who literally sexes men to death! However, the movie kind of exaggerated one BDSM sex scene, and that’s the part where Madonna poured hot liquid candle wax on Willem Dafoe, after licking champagne off his chest, and trying to act at the same time. I doubt if Madonna ever loved the mix of champagne and candle wax!


How about watching a couple of “superheroes” having sex on an action movie? Well, you can actually see some of that in the movie Watchmen! But I guess it would seem real awkward seeing the superhero characters played by Patrick Wilson, Malin Ackerman and Zack Snyder having sex in a spaceship, with their rubberized superhero suits on!


Gigli is supposed to be a very fun movie to watch, with Jennifer Lopez playing the role of a lesbian, and Ben Affleck. However, M’s Lopez’ sudden, or quiet dramatic change of sexual orientation is quite unexplainable (perhaps because Ben Affleck’s charm quickly won her over or what).

In fact, in one sex scene, Ms. Lopez’s character asks Mr. Affleck to perform oral sex on her, by saying a truly classic line like – “It’s turkey time. Gobble, gobble”. After this, it was quite hard to take any succeeding sex scene seriously!

Why don’t you check out these movies now with your girlfriend, or with the hot Beautiful Companions Perth, so you’ll know why we call the sex scenes there awkward and unintentionally funny!



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