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5 Ice Tricks to Sizzle Up Your Sex Life – Beautiful Companions Perth

Hot and cold are always the total opposites. You would think that such things cannot live alongside the other but that is where you are wrong. There are some instances that combining both would be one of the best things you’ve ever done. A good example of this would be iced coffee. Normally, coffee is best served hot but when you add ice to that mix, you get a beverage that makes the heat bearable.

Lots of things become better when you add ice. There’re the oysters, margaritas and the most unexpected of them all – sex. One of the secrets to achieving a mind blowing sexual encounter is found in your freezer. It would seem pretty ironic that using ice would make your sex life hotter but that is for real. The playful vixens from Beautiful Companions Perth can greatly attest to that.

The cold sensation of the ice on heated skin activates a portion in the nervous system that is responsible for sexual arousal and erection.

1. The Visual Teaser

Have your girl tease your imaginations with the use of a slender ice. Let her slip the elongated ice into her mouth and suck on it. Next have her use the ice to go along the sexy contours of her body. Have her trace the curve of her neck and end up highlighting the perky nipples on her full breasts.

2. The Alternator

Once you’re done with the eye pleasing, it’s time to proceed to sensation deliverance. Get your frisky girl to pour a small amount of oil on one hand and rub both hands together to spread the warmth. Then have her use her hands to knead your bare shoulders. Once you’re relaxed, let her take an ice cube and have her rub it over the same area. Make her repeat the entire process until she reaches south.

3. The Overwhelming Shiver

While going down and eating her juiciness, take an ice cube and trace 8 figures in her inner thighs or her groin. Do this while simultaneously kissing and licker her pussy and engaging her clit. The continuous sensations will bring her over the edge – surpassing the blissful buzz. She will definitely be overwhelmed by moans and groans of insurmountable pleasures.

4. The Icicle

The cold surely won’t bother her but it will certainly bring her to the climax of her pleasures. Keep a certain amount of ice cubes in your mouth for 15 seconds. Take them out after and head down to her most delicate area. Now, slowly kiss her clit while circling your tongue around her pussy lips. The exciting contrast between your cool lips and your warm mouth will shoot her senses into overdrive.

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