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3 Frightening Things That Will Happen If You Stop Having Sex

With stress, the fast-pace of life, and lots of family or work commitments to do, some of us may already be forgetting to have  – sex! There are a lot of reasons why a person’s sex life may be stalled or halted. One of the biggest worries for that long sexual dry spell is that the extended inactivity could greatly affect your health, in a lot of ways. Here are a couple of things that may happen when you stop going down and dirty.

You Could Be More Prone To Colds And Flu

Have you been sneezing and coughing intermittently? Of have you been down with a flu for  the past few days?  Perhaps you lack enough bedroom action already! It’s because less sex means that you will also miss the immune system-boosting perks of a weekly roll in the hay! Well, if your sex life has gone down the gutter recently, perhaps you could bring it back to life, with the help of the lovely and sexy Beautiful Companions Perth!

According to researchers at Wilkes-Barre University in Pennsylvania, those who had sex once or twice a week had a 30% boost in their immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels, as compared to those who seldom, or never had sex! Immunoglobulin actually serves as the body’s first line of defense against viruses like the common cold.

Any Insecurity About Your Relationship Could Start Creeping In

Not having enough sex could not only take a toll on your health, but on your happiness and relationship too.  Most sex experts and psychologists agree that going without sex in a marriage or relationship could deliver a direct hit to your self-esteem, and decrease the levels of oxytocin and other happy bonding hormones. The lack of sex can even increase fears that one of you may likely look to others for your sexual needs!

It Could Double Your Risk Of Erectile Dysfunction

Here another reason why you should be having more sex – the lack of sex can double your risks of erectile dysfunction! According to a study that was published in the American Journal of Medicine, men who infrequently have sex are twice as likely to experience  erectile dysfunction, as compared to men who do it once a week.

The researchers also stressed that because the penis is a muscle, frequent sex could help preserve its potency, in a similar way that physical exercise helps maintain strength and muscle mass. Perhaps you’d like to spice things up, and double the frequency, by having a refreshing Girlfriend Experience with the alluring Beautiful Companions Perth!


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