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Beautiful Companions Perth – Top Guidelines for A Long-Term Relationship

As far as love and affection are concerned, you’ll find no shortage of either in a new relationship, since you and your partner are still highly attracted to each other and feel rather strongly about the whole thing. However, those feelings can dwindle over time, and you may well turn to one of the gorgeous […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – 3 Sex Positions That Nearly Guarantee Multiple Orgasms

Can a person have multiple orgasms? Well, if you ask the ladies, the answer is a big YES, as according to a report done by the Indiana University School of Public Health and the Kinsey Institute, around 47% of women report having experienced multiple orgasms. Here are a couple of sex positions that guarantee (or […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – 3 Sex Positions That Nearly Guarantee Multiple Orgasms

Can a person have multiple orgasms? Well, if you ask the ladies, the answer is a big YES, as according to a report done by the Indiana University School of Public Health and the Kinsey Institute, around 47% of women report having experienced multiple orgasms. Here are a couple of sex positions that guarantee (or […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – 4 Fun and Flirty Lines to Use On Her

When it comes to talking to the ladies, there’s a world of difference between flirty and creepy. Unfortunately, men don’t always recognise when they’re going from one to the other, nor do they realise when a woman’s answer is a sign telling them to stop, say the gorgeous specimens at Beautiful Companions Perth. Fortunately, you […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – Sex Doll Business For Short-Term Erotic Fun Shut Down In China

Astute business people really have a way of making money out of sex. Imagine, having a sex doll you can rent for a certain amount just to satisfy your lust for a while! It’s only in China where you can find such enterprise but sadly, the business has closed just days after it opened. With […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – 3 of the Sexiest Ways to Spend 5 Minutes

If you had only five minutes left on earth (As a huge meteor is heading your way), what would you be doing with your girlfriend, or hook up buddy? Would you stare blankly at each other and cry, or would you rather have lots of earth-shattering sex? As time is precious, and every minute is […]

Beautiful Companions Perth- The Best Sex Positions For the Different Areas in the House

As a popular saying goes, “A house is not a home”. Yes, that is right because a house is just a regular building where people stay in, while a home is a connection of family and safety, and it’s also your own little sanctuary. But hey, a house is not a home until you’ve banged […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – Weed, and the Many Ways It Can Affect Your Sex Life

I guess everyone (or nearly all of us) knows the mind-altering effects of marijuana. However, it doesn’t just stop there, because according to sex experts, if you’re a guy or girl who’s ever smoked weed and gotten down, you know that it can have a very noticeable effect on your sexual performance. Here are a […]

Having Sex While Sleeping May Affect Your Relationship

Have you ever experienced engaging in sex while you were sleeping? Of course, you were supposed to be innocent but your partner says so. If you did, you got to ask her or one of the Beautiful Companions Perth if she enjoyed the coupling while you didn’t have any idea at all what on earth […]

New Survey Reveals the Truth About When’s The Right Time to Have Sex in a Relationship

When’s the right time to have sex, especially if you’ve just started getting cosy and romantic with a new-found mate? Well, according to the results of a survey of 1,000 Americans and Europeans by, nearly 50% of straight couples reported holding out one week to a month before getting it on with their partners! […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – The Many Reasons Why Women Fake Their Orgasms

Have you ever felt that your partner’s pleasure was just for show? Well if you suspect that she’s faking her orgasms, then you may need to read this article, and figure out what you’re doing wrong in bed! While nobody certainly wants to think that their partner’s moans and screams are just for show, the […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – Cool Online Dating Tactics for Attracting Potential Hookup Partners

Do you regularly flock to online dating sites like Zoosk, use dating apps like Tinder and the others, or hangout on social networks like Facebook or Twitter? If you haven’t had much success in attracting long-term partners or casual dates, perhaps you need to refine your methods, and learn from the smart single guys out […]

From Fantasy To Real-Life Sex Play: How To Kick-start Your BDSM Experience

Want to add flavour to your vanilla intercourse? You and your significant other may have been into the relationship for quite sometime now and you feel that the fire is starting to fade. Whoever wouldn’t be fed up with humping in the same place doing the same positions and having the same twists and turns […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – Wild Prediction: Robots Will Be The Perfect Bedroom Partner Within The Next Decade

You’re familiar with Netflix, right? Now, do you ever wonder why a couple should pause the button, strip their clothes off then engage in some hot sensual activity? Well, this scenario should merit a research. Anyway, these days, sex has taken (again) the centre stage in various studies, meaning it’s virtually a hot survey issue. […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – 3 of the Most Unintentionally Awkward and Hilarious Sex Scenes in Modern Cinema

If you were asked to describe your most favourite movie sex scene, perhaps you’d be confused on which one’s the best, because there are, obviously, a lot of great movie sex scenes to choose from. But I guess there were perhaps a couple of sex scenes that you saw, but failed to notice the awkward […]

Hot Foreplay Moves She Looks Forward To

Most females take a long time to get to climax when the sex itself is done in haste. It’s here where foreplay takes centre stage. Unfortunately, a lot of males don’t even understand how the act contributes to a very pleasurable experience on the part of women. If the play has to be extended for […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – 3 Reasons Why Today’s Women Lust For Guys With Dad Bods

If you think you’re already fat, and are planning to lose that beer belly, think again. It’s because more and more women today are actually lusting for guys with “dad bods” or body figures that show a little extra gut around the middle! Here’s a look at 3 reasons why women are now going for […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – With Water-Based Lubes, Penetration Is A Breeze

If you think that sex is as romantic and smooth as what people always see in their favourite TV shows or on blockbusters, think again. At times, you’re just as raring to go and yet your partner or perhaps one of those Beautiful Companions Perth may not be, because of some physical constraints like not […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – The Best Pleasure Providers

Horny people have been using it, for self-pleasuring or enhancing the sexual act. Yet, there’s still much to learn about the vibrator – touted to be the No. 1 pleasure provider. You may have heard that around the Victorian period, there were women who complained of ‘womb disease’ and doctors then gave them ‘pelvic massages’ […]

4 Sex Toys That You Need to Introduce to Her Tonight

Believe it or not, there are women who are fond of using sex toys – be it alone or with their partners. According to Beautiful Companions Perth, men can use these to their advantage and help their ladies reach orgasm. And since you want to do it right, you need to know which toys are […]

Drugs And Medications That Have a Terrible Effect On A Person’s Sex Drive

If you have the habit of popping up just about any pill for whatever it is that’s ailing you, stop and read this – it’s estimated that 30% to 40% of people around the world experience a lack of interest in sex for several months in a year, because of the drugs or medications they’re […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – The Countries With The Highest Incidences of Rape Today

Among the crimes that are truly detestable and abhorrent, rape and sexual assault are perhaps the most worrisome, especially for women. Rape is defined as “a type of sexual assault usually involving other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without his or her consent”. Now, what countries have the highest levels or incidences […]

4 Helpful Hints On How To Successfully Perform Cunnilingus

What’s the most intimate of all sex acts? Well that would depend on the individual, as some would consider spooning as the most intimate, while others would say it‘s either fellatio and cunnilingus. Well for guys, cunnilingus is one act that most would love doing (For the uninformed, cunnilingus is actually the technical term for […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – Impress Her and Catch Her Eye

Whether it’s animals or humans, the male usually makes it a point to impress the female. After all, you have males putting on dances and other displays to catch the female’s’ eye. Men go about it differently, but the end goal is the same. Because of this, the lovely vixens at Beautiful Companions Perth have […]

3 Frightening Things That Will Happen If You Stop Having Sex

With stress, the fast-pace of life, and lots of family or work commitments to do, some of us may already be forgetting to have  – sex! There are a lot of reasons why a person’s sex life may be stalled or halted. One of the biggest worries for that long sexual dry spell is that […]

Points to Consider Before a Threesome – Will it Be Awesome or Awkward?

Sexual fantasies are a normal part of one’s sex life, and it’s really not surprising to have one or more. Both men and women have their own fantasies, and one that they have in common is that of having a threesome, whether it’s with two guys or two girls. Of course, you’d want to look […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – 4 Habits That Can, Surprisingly, Wreck Your Sex Life

If you were “horny as hell” a couple of days or weeks ago, and you suddenly find yourself weak, and less-interested or less-engaged in sex, perhaps you’re now in a stage where your libido is at its “lowest”? Believe it or not, but according to relationship and sex experts, low libido affects everyone, regardless of […]

Beautiful Companions Perth | Bangkok, Osaka And Makati Top The List Of Asia’s Most Promiscuous Cities

If you’re planning a back-packer trip across lovely and exotic Asia, but you’d like to do more than just see the sights, or bask in the local culture, why not get laid too? Almost everyone knows that Asia, especially Southeast Asia, is a paradise of sorts to budget travellers. And of course, there are great […]

The Health (And Erotic Benefits) Of Prostate Stimulation

If you think only girls who have the “G-spot”, well you’re dead wrong. Men too have their own version of the G-spot, and it’s called the prostate. According to medical experts, the prostate is a gland which is responsible for regulating male sexual function. It also creates prostatic fluid, which is a vital element of […]

My sexy encounter as Beautiful Companions Perth

Call me Amber… for this story, at least. I’m 19, Jobless, happy and beautiful. This is the story of my first professional escort servicing. I don’t want to start this story with a short background about myself. I think that’s obnoxious – all you need to know is that I’m fresh out of high school […]

Beautiful Companions Perth– The 3 Classic and Easily Modifiable Sex Positions

The basics are there for you to get back to when things get complicated. When you wish to experience that mind blowing sex, keeping things simple is the absolute key to it. You could do some thorough research on the most complicated sex position. Exert all of the efforts in mastering them. But when the heat of […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – A Journey To Sensual Pleasure Dreamland

Do you believe that sensual PLEASURE is the most desired feeling in every individual’s life? You might wonder why. You might be confused why we all have the same wish. Well, it just shows that you’re also craving for it too! Your welcome! Great news for you fellah! Beautiful Companions Perth is here to provide […]

3 Erotic Insights About Sex – Beautiful Companions Perth

There is so much known ideas about love-making these days that it’s somewhat confusing to determine which ones are theories and which ones are authentic. Some are actually very surprising and there are also a handful that are as apparent as the sun coming out the day after. On such note, Perth Escorts have concluded […]

Beautiful Companions Perth – Defining Your Erotic Night With Gameplays

A moment during the 80s labelled the arrival of eight-bit digital video games and it was all flat with two-dimensional and excessively pixelated visuals. It was fantastic during such an era but in this day and generation it’s visible that you require an update. In the same way that simple sex is easy and satisfying, […]

Your All-Out Companion Specialising In Your Wanton Need

Life can bring forth so many hardships and that’s normal. This is why we get a tad cynical when things shift towards the good and this kick starts our instincts to survival overdrive. We take precautions in the things that are transpiring around us. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t pressure yourself too much because of these profound […]

7 Spontaneous and Shocking Sexual Facts

For an act that is done within the confines of a bed space, facts about it are scattered all over everybody’s consciousness. However, are facts about sex really widespread or are there information than the general knowledge is letting on? Without a doubt! There is indeed more to sex than the penetrations and the pleasures […]

Beautiful Companion Perth – 3 Easy Tricks To Jump Start Your Way Towards Greater Sex

There is nothing more riveting than the thought of sexing it up with a pro courtesan advertised in the content of Perth Escorts. You’d recognize from the moment the posts load up you’d be interested with the type of intimacy that transforms fantasies into reality. These dames are outfitted with the expertise required to meet […]

5 Ice Tricks to Sizzle Up Your Sex Life – Beautiful Companions Perth

Hot and cold are always the total opposites. You would think that such things cannot live alongside the other but that is where you are wrong. There are some instances that combining both would be one of the best things you’ve ever done. A good example of this would be iced coffee. Normally, coffee is […]

Satisfying Your Sex Cravings – Beautiful Companions Perth

Men don’t dwell into specifics when it comes to their sex life particularly when they hire a gorgeous vixen to spend the night with. Where else would that be but in the city of Perth?  It’s where most gentlemen go to escape loneliness and satisfy their sex cravings. Meet the modern day temptresses who can […]

Enjoy a BDSM Party with a Beautiful Companion in Perth

In today’s society, the BDSM community is growing rapidly. More and more people are coming out of the closet and admit of participating and even enjoying such fetish. Hence, in BDSM culture, the community usually host a party or play party. It is a social event wherein like-minded people and attendees engage and discuss pleasuring […]

Beautiful Companions Perth for You: Men’s Libido Cocktails

It can never be denied that men are savage carnal species. They have this hyped libido as always. Of course, when a woman passes by, it’s usually the physical appearance that matters at first. Who could ever resist a sultry vixen oozing with magnetising charm? The beautiful companions of Perth can be considered in this […]

Brooke Michaels: One of the Most Beautiful Companions in Perth

Looking for a beautiful companion in Perth? Let me end your search with the stunningly attractive Brooke Michaels. This blonde bombshell is the perfect embodiment of a woman, long blonde hair, curves in the right places and beautiful green eyes. But as beautiful as she is in the outside, her personality would exceed your expectations. Brooke […]

Indulging Nightlife with the Beautiful Companions of Perth

Nightlife in Perth has never become boring as ever, especially if a dashing man like you is spending wonderful moment with beautiful companions of Perth. The large metropolitan having been known to as the “City of Lights” displays an infinite number of pubs and clubs that not only the locals are able to enjoy but […]

The Great Fashion Taste of the Beautiful Companions in Perth

What you will immediately notice when you meet up with the beautiful companions in Perth for the first time is their elegance and stunning beauty. Some people would even be intimidated at first sight. But don’t fret, these ladies are your girlfriends and you can approach and get to know them on your time together. […]

Fantastic Companionship with the Beautiful Companions of Perth

When we think about escorts, we picture them in our minds as female sex workers who solely provide sex service for men. This is true in the old days. These days, the escorts are different from those many years ago. These women are now the epitome of the modern femme fatale. Alluring to every man’s […]

Let Your Sexual Passion be fueled by Escorts in Perth

When it comes to escorting, Perth, Australia never gets behind in the race and proudly presenting their ass-kicking femme fatales. Australian ladies belong in the list of most attractive women in the world. No wonder why escorts in Perth are so in demand to diverse male clients coming for a wonderful vacation in the breathtaking […]

Indulge Yourself with the Best Passion in the Company of Perth Private Escorts

Perth is a nice place to go when you’re looking for steamy, titillating, excitement and fun. This is the heavenly cove of the beautiful Perth private escorts. There are so many lone and single male jet setters who happen to stumble and had enjoyed the city with the company of these ladies. In fact, they […]

A Blazing Night of Passion with the Fun and Fearless Beautiful Companions in Perth

Perth has been the prime city of trades and tourism. No wonder that nowadays, there are a lot of tourists and business come this beautiful city to unwind. What involves in their vacation also is the discreet and sensual affair they will surely enjoy with the beautiful companions in Perth. These ladies are the answers […]